How it works.


Over the next 5 days you will get a series of FREE emails from me with instructions on

“How to update your Clients WordPress Sites”


Day 1

I will show you how to get setup with ManageWP - the ultimate WordPress Management service.

Day 2

Today is all about Backups. With a backup a WordPress website can survive anything.

Day 3

The main event, now you have a good backup you can now update all your sites.

Day 4

Now that all the sites are up to date lets check the site security and health.

Day 5

Time to tidy up your client sites getting rid of everything the site is no longer using.

Your first set of instructions for Day 1 will be sent to you IMMEDIATELY after you accept.

The process is the same process I use here at RocketWP to onboard new clients.

Best of all it’s all based on the FREE version of the services I use.

By the end of the 5 days ALL your client sites will be:


Backed up
Up to date


Kick start selling WordPress Care Plans to your clients and  stop updating clients websites for free!

Or start updating them if it’s not something you’re actively doing.


Not sure you have the skills?  Want to see it in action?

Register for one of our weekly
“WordPress Maintenance 101” Webinars where I will walk you through the steps.


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