White Labelled WordPress Care Plans for WordPress agencies, freelancers and designers

Your brand our service, a perfect match.

Provide your clients with our WordPress Care Plans branded as your own. You get the credit, more time to for designing and creating beautiful websites for your clients.

White Label Partnership

We understand that you want to provide your customers the best service possible and when it comes to WordPress that means ensuring that their site is kept up to date, secure, backed up and online. But you’re busy developing new sites and building your business. Something has to give.

Either you don’t provide your clients with a WordPress Care Plan or you do and spend your evenings and weekends updating sites and checking sites.

There is another option – partner with RocketWP.

What we offer

We offer WordPress Care Plans. Basically, we do all the day to day and nitty gritty jobs that keep your clients’ sites safe and secure and your clients happy. This means you can concentrate on the business of design. As our strap-line states, “You Design We Care”. You can find out all about the various care plans here.

Our white label service

‘Your brand, your identity, our service.’

We can provide our services as a white label partnership. That means your customers never need to know we exist. We carry out all of our work behind the scenes and only liaise directly with you.

If you want us to respond to emails from your clients, and deal with minor changes and any issues we can do that too. All communication with your clients is sent via email branded in your company name.  Our help-desk can be co-branded as your help desk.  It is easy to setup, all you have to do is forward your support email to a special email address that we create just for you.

“Every interaction with your client appears to come from you.”


We provide full transparency with access to the help desk to view tickets, automatic alerts if we breach the SLA.  You are also provided with a web-based status page showing the uptime stats for all the sites we manage for you.

Pricing for services

You are free to set your own monthly pricing or you can include the cost in the design price or hosting price. When you add a new customer or site you just send us the details and we carry out the onboarding.


If you prefer you can just refer your client directly to us, you’ll get paid a one-off fee when they sign up and a recurring payment for every month they stay with us.

Either way, you will make additional revenue, your clients will love you, either because of the service you’re providing or for recommending us and the great service they’re receiving.

Not sure what service you need?

Then why not contact us?  We can discuss what you and your clients are looking for/need and make recommendations.  That’s ‘make recommendations’ not try to pressure you into buying our services.

Just complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.