WordPress Support Packages for Agencies, Designers & Freelancers

Hi my name is Adam, I’m the founder of RocketWP and I just wanted to tell you a little bit more about our new agency support service.

My background is in IT support, supporting clients both large and small.  The pricing model I used was one charge per month, based on the current number of users, computers, servers and talking with the customer to understand their needs.  We didn’t up their cost every time a new employee started or they add a new computer we simply reviewed the plan, with the customer each quarter and made adjustments to the cost accordingly. So I thought why not apply the same principles to agencies and designers who want my company to provide their clients with care plans?

Our new agency service supports your entire agency not based on the number of individual WordPress sites but based on your entire portfolio.  All for a fixed monthly fee that’s considerably more cost effective than the competition.

Traditional Care Plan providers simply white label their Care Plans for you.  You have to choose which package you want each site on, let them know and then pass the charge on to your customer.  That’s so tiresome! 

You get all the great services found on our Advanced care plan, every site will get weekly updates, daily backups, 24/7 monitoring, security hardening with iThemes security, caching with WPRocket and image optimisation with Imagify. But there’s more!

  • You get a staging server – not sites a whole server configured for your sole use.
  • A branded help desk so we can manage your clients queries for you.
  • Blueprint templates to spin up development sites quickly, ready with all the plugins you normally use along with the theme, if you use one.
  • Basic SEO carried out to ensure that meta data is setup for your client. We make sure that Yoast is installed and that all the titles, page descriptions and other meta data is setup.
  • We will also load and configure new plugins to add the functionality your client needs.

Plus we’re always looking at ways to improve life for our agency partners and when we find a great plugin or service that we can include we do. We recently added WPFeedBack to our portfolio.

Best of all the whole thing is white labelled, you get all the praise from your clients. Every interaction from us is branded as you, emails, reports even the help desk have your branding plastered all over it, not a mention of RocketWP can be found anywhere.

It will be our little secret!

You’re probably thinking that this is all great, I could really do with the help but I’m never going to be able to afford it. You’ll be surprised to find out that our service is more affordable than you think…..

Sound good? Got questions? Then why not book a meeting and we can discuss your exact requirements and tailor a service to meet your needs.

If you’d rather just get an idea of cost then enter your details below and we can send you over a proposal based on us managing 30 sites and your business.