What is a WAF and why you need one


The first question to answer here is what does WAF mean?

WAF stands for Web Application Firewall. It filters all the traffic bound for your website before it even reaches it. Filtering out all the bad traffic so only the good gets through.  A good WAF will also mitigate DDOS attacks, and if you choose the right one will even speed up your website.

Sucuri, our preferred WAF provider

We have partnered with Sucuri not only to protect our site but we also include the Sucuri WAF as part of our Advanced Plus Plan.

It is simple to implement, a simple change to the IP address in your DNS to an IP specified by Sucuri for your website. Once updated all the traffic heading for your website goes through the Sucuri WAF where it is filtered and anything malicious is blocked. 

The service also includes Virtual Patching and Virtual Hardening engines so Sucuri WAF is able to mitigate threats as they happen and before patches are released and installed.

Just to recap, implementing the Sucuri WAF protects your site by:
  • Mitigating against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks
  • Preventing Vulnerability Exploit Attempts, such as SQL injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), remote file inclusion (RFI) and local file inclusion (LFI)
  • Protecting Against the OWASP Top 10 (and more)
  • Protecting Against Zero-Day Exploits
  • Protecting Against Access Control Attacks, such as Brute Force attempts

Cloud Based Solution

Sucuri is a cloud based solution all of the scanning and filtering of traffic is carried out far away from your website, it won’t slow down your site.  in fact it will be quicker as it is only dealing with legitimate traffic.

Built in CDN

The Sucuri WAF will also provide your site with a boost in performance as it provides a high performance CDN solution too.

Bypass Protection

To ensure complete protection we need to prevent attackers from connecting to the IP of your site.  To do this we configure your server to only accept connections from the Sucuri network (and our IP) something called Bypass Protection.

Additional Monitoring

To compliment the Sucuri WAF service we also provide the Sucuri Monitoring.  The service monitors:

  • Malware & Blacklists every 6 hours
  • Your DNS records for changed daily
  • Uptime every 5 minutes

The monitoring also includes a Server Side Scanner.  All the files that make up your site will be checked for signs of malware, looking for backdoors, phishing pages, spam DDoS scripts and more.  If anything suspicious is found we are alerted and can investigate.

Trust Seal

You can even show your site is secure with a Sucuri Trust Seal.

Want to know more?

Questions regrading the Sucuri WAF or any of the services we offer?  Then why not book your call now, just click the button below?  Alternatively  check out the FAQ’s or start a live chat.


Sucuri is included FREE on our Advanced Plus Plan or for a small additional fee of £20.00 per site per month.

Yes, very easy all we need to do is change the IP address for your site to the IP address supplied for the Sucuri WAF when it is configured.

No there is no need to change host.  We simply need to configure your DNS so traffic goes to Sucuri.  Sucuri will be configured to send all legitimate traffic to your site.

Sucuri works with most CDN providers so you can continue to use your existing provider.

If your site is hacked we will clean it up free of charge.

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