WordPress site performance is important – we tune WordPress making your website quick.  Your site needs to be quick.  Delays in loading your site will lead to visitors clicking back, lower rankings on Google and if your an agency or a developer it does not create the best of impressions. RocketWP can help you tune your site .

Nothing better than an example?

Here’s an example of how performance optimisation can greatly improve the speed of a site – hopefully you’ll recognise it – it’s our very own site.

Before WordPress Optimisation After WordPress Optimisation

So how did we do it?

It has become easier to improve the performance of  your WordPress site.  There are lots of plugins and services out there.  We use a combination of the following:

  1. Fast hosting – we run our own server so we can optimise it from the OS up for speed.
  2. Great caching plugin – our favourite is WPRocket (and no that’s not because of the name).
  3. CDN (Content Delivery Network) – this ensures that your content is close to your visitor.
  4. Image compression and optimisation.


We combine all these great services and plugins to speed up your site.  Configuring the plugins and the service to ensure you get the best speed possible.  We also configure the various configuration files for Nginx, Apache and make changes to the .htaccess file (when used) and the wp_config file to ensure everything is configured for speed.

Plugin Checks

We also look at the plugins you are running and check how resource intensive they are.  If we do find plugins that consume lots of resources we will (with your permission) swap them either with a plugin we already use or we will find the right one to meet your needs.

Why use RocketWP?

All the plugins and solutions we use are off the shelf products.  You can install the plugins we use and sign up for the services we use.

So why use RocketWP?  Because it is what we do, it is our business.  We are not trying to run a business – WordPress Management IS our business.  We are not designers, we are not accountants, not driving instructors or any other type of business.  We simply host and manage your WordPress site or website letting you run and manage your business.