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As you know the ability to be able to reliably send emails from WordPress sites is really important for many reasons.

Today we are enhancing the Transactional Email service that is available to our clients.  Starting today we will carry out the below:

  1. Setting up an email domain for all your sites to use as a transactional email domain. We recommend that this is either a completely separate domain or a sub domain. Alternatively we can set you up with a subdomain on our generic domain.
  2. Configuring the domain on Mailgun as the primary service.
  3. Configuring the domain on Mandrill as a backup service.
  4. Configuring alerting to your private Slack channel.
  5. Configuring all your sites with PostMan SMTP plug-in.

If issues prevent sending email via the primary method an alert is sent to the relevant Slack channel and the plugin will attempt to send the email using the second method.

We will investigate any issues as and when alerts are received.

The above process will only ensure that email is delivered from your site to MailGun it does not confirm that emails have been sent to the end recipient.  Therefore part of our monthly internal processes going forward will be to check the logs on MailGun for any errors.

Questions?  Check out the FAQ below or click here to arrange a convenient time to chat.


The initial domain or subdomain will be setup for free.  If you want more than one or two domains setup then please contact us.

If for any reason a site started sending out spam emails and the domain got blacklisted it would not affect your main domain, subdomains are treated separately therefore if a spam attack got the subdomain blacklisted the main domain would not be affected.

We normally setup all emails to go from  and the name Website Name e.g. Base Camp Website, .  The reply address will be set to the recipient of the email.  Note only 1 recipient can be set up.

If the client wants to use their own domain there are 2 options:

  1. We can configure the domain on MailGun
  2. They can provide an email address and password along with the SMTP settings for the domain and we can configure Postman SMTP to use their domain.

Yes we are happy to setup any other provider(s). PostSMTP supports the following email services:

  1. Any SMTP server
  2. MailGun
  3. Mandrill
  4. SendGrid
  5. Gmail
  6. Office365
  7. Amazon SES

Yes, PostSMTP works with most form plugins (we’ve not found one yet that does not work).  The only thing to note is that the from email address and name are set within PostSMTP, not by the form and cannot be changed. 

This additional service is available to all customers both new and existing now.

No, this is intended only for transactional emails from your WordPress websites.  Contact us if you want help setting up email capture forms and mailing lists.

This is all part of our Agency Support Plan click below to
find out more on how we provide more than just WordPress Care Plans

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