Security for your WordPress site should be one of the if not the most important thing to consider once you have installed your site.

“There is no way any site can be 100% secure against hackers – it’s a fact we all have to live with. “

Hackers are always trying to find the holes and vulnerabilities in any and all websites, including yours.  All you can do is minimise the risk by ensuring the security of your WordPress site but your site will never be 100% protected.

“Anyone who attempts to sell you 100% WordPress Security is selling you a service that does not exist.”

That is the bad news out of the way.  What you can do is minimise the risk as much as possible by ensuring the security of your WordPress site.

There are people out there that will tell you that your security woes are all about WordPress.  That’s just not true – at the end of December 2015 it was estimated that 25% of the worlds websites were running WordPress.  There are over 1,000,000,000 websites online so that means that a staggering 250,000,000 sites are running WordPress – that’s one huge target.  By comparison, Joomla, WordPress’s biggest competitor only powers about 3% of the web.

Best Practices for security

Keep everything up to date

Backup your site up regularly

Enforce strong passwords

Secure access to your control panel

Install plugins from reputable sources

Get RocketWP to manage it!

How we can help


Host your site with us, our servers are powered by the latest version of Plesk Oynx, configured with security in mind.  Every WordPress site gets iThemes Security Pro plugin installed and configured for maximum security.  iThemes Security Pro secures your site against, brute force attacks, spam attacks, malicious content uploads and more.


Every site is backed up at least once every 24 hours.  All backups are retained for a minimum of 30 days.


We keep your site up to date, updating the WordPress core, plugins and themes on a weekly basis.


All sites are monitored both for availability and PageSpeed.  All clients are provided with their own status page which can be accessed at anytime to check the uptime of their site.

You could do that?

Yes you could!  All the services and plugins we use to make our WordPress Care Plans robust are available to you – we can even help you set it up.

Why use RocketWP?

Because WordPress Care Plans is what we do,  we are not trying to run a business, we are not designers, we are not accountants or any other type of business.  We simply provide WordPress Care plans for your WordPress website letting you run and manage your business.

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