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Part of our onboarding process is to ensure that Google Analytics is installed and configured on the site.  One of our agency partners wanted us to take over not only ensuring that GA was setup on every site but dealing with the clients to resolve any issues.

There seems to be 2 schools of thought, either you get the client to setup the account or you use your own account.  The first option could be problematic, it’s not always easy getting clients to do techie stuff and a lot of them just asked us to do it anyway.  The second option didn’t seem right either as the client would not own their data and, should the agency ever part company with the client it could get a bit messy.

After some thought we created a workflow that resulted in either the client correctly adding permissions to the site so we could get the code or us being able to setup the client with their own GA account.

Client does not have a Google Analytics Account

We decided to tackle this by creating a new Gmail account for the client and using this for the new GA account.  Typically we would use the format clientname..  We then provide admin access to the agency’s account.

The benefits of this are great for the agency as they have full control over the account and can make sure it is setup correctly.  It is great for the client too as they don’t need to do anything and it re-enforces the great customer service message.

TIP: If you have already setup your clients in your own GA account you can create an account and then you can transfer the web property over.  Just go into the Property Settings and click Move.  Then follow the steps to transfer the account.  You still retain access and the code remains unchanged so no updates required on the client site.

Client Already has a Google Analytics Account

This is much easier, we just send an email to the client with the instructions on how to setup the agency with access.  Here’s the email we send:

To: client email address
Re: Setup Google Analytics Admin Access

Hi Name,

So we can add the necessary Google Analytics tracking code to your site we need you to provide us admin access to your account.

Please follow the process below, if you get stuck or need help just reach out to us and we can help.

1. Login in to your Google Analytics Account here:
2. Click Admin  (at the bottom)
3. Click Account User Management 
4. Click the blue + symbol (top right of the screen)
5. Click Add Users 
6. Enter the email address you want to use for access
7. Ensure that the “Notify new users by email” checkbox is ticked
8. Ensure that all the permission checkboxes are also ticked
9. Click Add 

If you then just hit reply and confirm that you’ve set it up that would great!

Once again any issues or queries please don’t hesitate in reaching out.



Tip: Save this is a canned response in your help desk or email client so you can quickly and easily send it out.  Alternatively include the instructions in your Welcome/Onboarding email sequence. 

You will receive an email from Google confirming you now have access.

As you can see the process is nice and easy, you will have access to manage the Google Analytics account and the client will own their data.  Should you part company in the future you just need to email the client the login details for the Gmail account you setup so make sure you keep a record of it.

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