WordPress Backup and WordPress Security should be considered the same thing.  If your site is hacked, defaced or something happens to the server or the company hosting your site then a backup could be the difference between a little downtime or a big expense in getting your site redesigned from the ground up.

Do a search for WordPress Backups and you will find that there are literally hundreds of plugins and services out there.  Your WordPress backup files can be stored locally on the server hosting your site (never a great idea), stored on Amazon S3 or Dropbox, upload via FTP or even attached to an email.

Complete Server Backup with Acronis Backup

All our servers are backed up using Acronis Backup Software.  The software provides a complete backup solution, allowing us to recover individual files, databases and even a complete recovery – a bare metal restore.

Every server we manage is backed up at least once every 24 hours and we offer a 30 day retention period as standard and this can be modified depending on your requirements.

Site Backups

Every site is backed up at least once a day and stored in an EU, GDPR compliant data center.  If you have an ecommerce site, or a site that gets updated a lot, every day we can backup more often.

Site backups are also taken before any work is carried out on your site too.


Recovering for a bad update, a hack or a server failure is quick and easy most sites can be restored with a couple of clicks.

Could you do this yourself?

Yes as with all the tools we use for our service you can install the plugins, sign up for the services and do it yourself, we have some great blog posts on how to set it all up.

Why use RocketWP?

So why use RocketWP? Because it is what we do, it is our business.  We are not trying to run a business – WordPress Management including WordPress Backup IS our business.  We are not designers, we simply manage your WordPress site letting you manage your business.