WordPress Management for Agencies, Designers & Freelancers

You build beautiful websites for your customers.  They’re happy and they pay you for the site, you’re happy because you’ve been paid.

Now on to the next project………. but what about maintenance of the site you’ve just finished?  We have researched loads of agencies and developers websites and we have found most (not all) have sites that need updating.

We all know that WordPress needs maintaining, that it needs updating and periodic spring cleaning.

That’s were RocketWP are here to help.  Let us take care of the regular maintenance of your WordPress installations.  We will take care of the following:

  1. Backups
  2. Plug in and WordPress core updates
  3. Security
  4. Monitoring

You are then free to continue to develop the next new website knowing your existing customer base is being looked after.

White Label Service

Our service can be completely white labeled so your customer never knows about us or you can just introduce us during the initial stages.

Find out more about our White Label service here:

White Label Service

Any Host

We will work with any host provider (including ourselves) and play nicely with all the plugins and themes that you may or may not use.

Not designers or creatives

We are not developers neither are we creative, our interest lies in keeping your sites up-to-date, backed up, secure, fast and online.  So you can be safe in the knowledge we will not be trying to pinch your customer.

We can set it up for you

We know that the world is a strange place and you can’t trust everyone – so we also offer to put in place a complete hosting and maintenance solution, using the same tools that we use.  You can then manage and administer the entire solution in house.  We will provide you with all the training and guide you through the tools, tricks and hacks we use and get you on the right road.  In fact most of what we do can be found in the articles on our blog.

Help when you need it

We will only be a phone call away so you need help or assistance.  Just pick up the phone.


Why not contact us?  Or complete the form below and we will contact you for a free, no obligation chat about your needs and those of your customers.