Hi, my name is Adam Yates and I am the founder of RocketWP.  Thanks for checking out this special page for the clients of Digitia.  Following on from Lisa’s email I would be happy to host your site on our platform.  Powered by the latest version of Plesk and running on the latest software and hardware we are able to provide you a fast, reliable, secure environment for your WordPress powered website.

So what service are we offering?

As a special service to the customers of Digitia we are offering our Advanced Plus service for the price of our Basic service for the first 12 months, with free migration of your site to our platform.  Our platform provides a fully managed service for your WordPress site:

Your site will optimised for speed and security from the moment we move your site:

  • Any updates to WordPress Core, the plugins and themes will be applied
  • Plugins and themes will be checked and any that are no longer used, needed will be removed
  • Configure our preferred caching plugin and CDN service to ensure your site is quick
  • Install and configure our preferred security plugin to keep your site safe
  • Secure your site using an SSL

Every day of the week we then:

  • Apply any updates to WordPress Plugins, WordPress Core and Themes
  • Backup the entire platform (we keep the backups for 14 days)
  • Scan your site for malware
  • Scan the core WordPress files daily for changes

In the back ground our 3rd party services will:

  • Monitor your site 24x7x365 using 3rd Party tools – we also check for text on your site not just if it responds
  • Monitor your DNS records to ensure there are no changes
  • Monitor your domain to ensure you never miss the renewal date

We normally charge £45.00 per month for this service, but as a special offer to Digitia’s customers we are offering this service for only £15.00 per month (or £150.00 per year) with free migration.

If you need any more information or have any queries please do not hesitate in reaching out to me, all my contact details can be found in the email that Lisa sent you.