Domain Renewal Procedure

As part of our agreement with Domain Registrar’s we have to publish our domain renewal process.  If you register or transfer your domain to RocketWP the domain will automatically renew on the anniversary using the payment method on account.  If you do not want to renew your domain, please disable the Auto Renewal Status via the control panel, you can login here.

You will be notified that your domain needs renewing, by email 30 days before renewal, 7 days before renewal with a final reminder sent 1 day before renewal of your domain.

If payment for your domain fails, or you do not make payment you domain may be suspended.  If you domain is suspended you will no longer be able to receive email and your website will show a holding page.  You will be reminded that the domain has expired, by email 7 days after the renewal date and then 14 days after the renewal date.

The domain will automatically be removed by the Registrar in line with their policy.

For .UK domains

After 30 days your domain will be suspended and will go into a 60 day grace period which you can still renew your domain name but with an additional redemption fee of £100 + VAT. This must be requested by email before the 80th day after your domain has expired, after 90 days your domain will be cancelled and deleted from the register and made available for resale through a third party registrar. WE will not guarantee the renewal of a domain name.

For all other domains

We use eNom to register the domain on your behalf, their Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Questions or Queries?

If you have any questions or queries regarding any aspect of domain registration through RocketWP please email .