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Today we got approached by a company asking if our service was really worth the price.  Sounds like a fair question.  Rather than bombard them with the technical details of what we do and how we do it I asked them to supply me the URL  for a site they thought was running slow.  They did – the first thing we did was run it through Pingdom’s page speed test, the results are below:

Performance Grade is not too bad, however the speed is terrible!  If the goal is less than 3 seconds then this is way off the mark.  We asked them for access to the site so we could just take a backup.  We used this backup to clone the site on a sub-domain and then we did what we do – day in day out – we updated it, optimised the images, added WPRocket tweaked the hosting settings and the result is shown below:

We have emailed the client with these results – it’s now down to them if they think that our service is worth the cost.

Is your website running slow? Then why not let us take a look – we are happy to provide exactly the same test so you can be sure that we can resolve your issues.

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