Are you a Slack(er)


No I don’t mean are you lazy – I mean do you use Slack?  We do and to say it is invaluable and we love using it does not come close.  We use it everywhere that we can and integrating with Slack has become an option we look for when choosing plugins and services.

What is Slack?

Slack is the ultimate Team Collaboration tool.  Yes you can use it to talk to your team, share files and generally ease communication internally – but it does so much more.  There are loads of apps and services that integrate with Slack, check out the Slack App Directory. Below is a list of where we use Slack today.

So where do we use Slack?

  • On our website
    Our online chat service is powered by and respond to all chat requests via Slack.  Rock the SlackBot plugin alerts us when posts pages and media are changed and on 404 errors.  Gravity form notifications are sent to Slack when forms are completed.
  • Monitoring Alerts
    Any alerts generated by our monitoring solution are sent to Slack.
  • Help Desk
    Any new tickets or replies to tickets are sent to Slack.
  • Priority Support Clients
    All our Priority Support Clients are members of our Slack team with a private channel – this way they know they can get hold of us.

So as you can see Slack has become more important to me than email as the most urgent and critical alerts and information I need is delivered to a single tool.  Slack has a web interface, a desktop application and mobile apps, so no matter where I am and what I am doing Slack is never far away.  I don’t think email is dead, yet but with tools like Slack it is becoming less and less important.

Not using Slack?  Sign up today and find out how it can make your workflow easier, using Slack in a way we’ve not listed, why not let us know.

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