Are you missing the opportunities in your existing client base?


If you’re a developer who is not only constantly developing/designing new websites but also maintaining your existing sites and you’re not using this simple tip you could be missing out on opportunities not only to wow your clients but also drive more revenue for your business.

Your existing clients are a mine of future opportunities – I’m not talking about getting them to leave great reviews or send in testimonials neither am I suggesting you get them to email all the people they know letting them know how great you are! I’m talking about checking if something you’ve implemented for your new customer or some work you’ve carried out for an existing customer won’t benefit one or more of your other clients.

What? How?

Let’s take an easy one – if you followed my guide to setup Cart Abandonment capture for a new client you can now use this for every WooCommerce site you’ve already developed. How many WooCommerce sites have you’ve developed that have not got Cart Abandonment Capture?  Why not send all those clients an email – let them know you’ve been thinking of them and that you believe this will be a great fit. You know how much work is involved and what you need to do so, in theory you could send them an email that includes a sign me up button where they can book in the work and pay for it there and then.

Wow your clients!

Not only will your client be wowed by the fact you’re thinking of them, it will also enforce their belief that they made the right choice in hiring you for the job. Once it’s implemented and working they’ll be singing your praises!!!

Other things to think about:

  • Live chat
  • Testimonials
  • Social Proof
  • Email marketing
  • Facebook or other social media integration

Think of all the other features or functions you’ve added to different websites and then think about your other clients who haven’t got that feature. If you’re using ManageWP you can tag the sites so you know what they’ve got installed and what they haven’t.  You can also use tagging in ConvertKit to tag customers that have or have not opted for the service.

Don’t forget it doesn’t have to be a function on their website. It could be a service like ConvertKit or piece of software that you’ve started using that you think will be a good fit for a client or clients.

Remember it’s a lot cheaper to service existing customers than it is to find new customers. So get your thinking caps on!!

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