Backing up ALL your data


Managed WordPress providers always go on about backing up your WordPress sites – we recommend you back up your sites at least once a day.  But that is only half the story.  What about all the other data that your business relies on?  Spread sheets, documents, presentations, graphics, accounts data?  There is lot more to your business to protect, not just your client sites.

Protect your business data

All this other data is just a crucial to your business as the clients sites.  The client sites are the culmination of the project, the end goal.  But what happens if you loose all the other stuff stored on your computer, laptop or server?

Rocket Backup can take care of all this data for you.  It offers a comprehensive backup solution for all your business data.

One Account all your data

Rocket Backup provides you with everything you need to back up your business data.  One account can be used to backup all your computers, laptops and servers.  It does n’t matter what they are running as the Rocket Backup client runs on Windows, both desktop and server, Mac OS and Linux/Unix so you can protect everything.

Powered by Acronis

Our backup solution is powered by Acronis and your data is stored, encrypted and securely in multiple data centres.

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