Do you need an eCommerce plugin?


eCommerce plugins are sometimes overkill, especially when you want to sell a single product such as an eBook or online training course and they can start to get expensive when you want to sell more than just a product such as subscription for your WordPress Care Plans.  


In this post I am going to be using no plugins to create a subscription service – yes it is possible to create a subscription service using no more that a block of HTML generated from Stripe.

I’m assuming you have already signed up for your Stripe account, if not click the button below to get setup.  The signup process is quick and easy and the charges are very reasonable.

To setup a subscription with Stripe you need to create a recurring product and the associated Pricing Plans.  Then all you need to do is click “Use with Checkout”, this displays some HTML that you can just copy and paste into a HTML block in your WordPress editor of choice.


The payment page is all hosted by Stripe so all the PCI compliance is taken care of, it is ready for “Strong Customer Authentication” and allows your customer to use GPay and Apple Pay.

Interested?  Click below to watch the full walk through:


  • FREE!
  • Quick and easy to setup
  • No plugins required


  • Not very elegant
  • No way to integrate with other services without coding

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