Has your site been hacked?


“Has your site been hacked?” seems to be a bit of a strange question surely you would know?  This is not always the case.  Most people think that hacking is about defacing a website, uploading new content, something deliberate and obvious – normally this is not the case.

A hacked website is a compromised website that could be doing anything from sending out 1,000’s of emails, being part of a DDOS attack on another site, harboring malicious files to infect your visitors computers or redirecting traffic to another site.

With this type of attack the hacker wants the fact that the site has been compromised to stay as invisible as they can for as long as possible.  Unfortunately that means that the first you know of it will be warning page from Google when you try to go to the site or your customer (hopefully) letting you know.  Eventually your will be black listed.  Now you need to clean your site and get it removed from the black list.

Other ways to tell that your site may have been hacked:

  • Increased traffic to your site
  • Strange links in the footer
  • Search results contain different information from usual
  • New files and or folders added to your website
  • Changes in page load times

If this has happened to you we can help clean up your site and get your site removed from any and all black lists, click the button below to start the process:

Help I've been hacked!

How to prevent the above from happening to you?

Easy – sign up to our WordPress Management, Maintenance and Monitoring service.  Our service will monitor your site, daily for the following:

  • Changes to any files, including online comparison with the WordPress repository
  • Check for Malware on your server
  • Check for black lists
  • Check A records
  • Check MX records

Click the button below to start the sign up process, it only takes a few minutes and your site will be secured against attack and monitored around the clock within 24 hours.

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