Install an SSL in less than 90 seconds


You can secure any site hosted on your Plesk server with a few clicks, for free thanks the Let’s Encrypt Extension for Plesk.  Just follow the guide:

  1. Install the Let’s Encrypt Extension
  2. Click the domain to be secured
  3. Click the Let’s Encrypt icon
  4. Confirm your email address

That’s it! Done, confirm by opening up the HTTPS version of the domain.

Want to see it in action?

In the video below we will take you through the steps to get The Let’s Encrypt extension installed and a certificate issued for a dummy site:

Can you install an SSL that quick through your control panel?  No?  Why not switch to Plesk?  We can install Plesk on the Cloud Provider of your choice or, we can setup, configure, migrate and manage your installation – just call us on 01622 320340.  Click the button below to find out how to contact us:

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