Monitoring is not just about the uptime


Monitoring is not just about the uptime

Here at RocketWP we take monitoring of your WordPress sites very seriously, a lot of companies out there just enter your URL and get the service to try to visit the site.  All that tells you is that something than an error code is being displayed when some one visits your site.  We do it a little differently, we don’t just check for a valid response we also check a whole lot more.

General Test

The general test checks that the site is up, looking for specific text within the page being tested.  If the text is not found then an alert is generated.  This test runs every 1, 5, or 10 minutes depending on the plan you have selected.

Page Speed

We check the speed of your site every 15, 30 or 60 minutes.  If your site performance has increased by more than 10% of the benchmark speed then an alert is sent.

We calculate the bench mark speed once we have completed the initial on-boarding process.  We take the average page speed over an initial 24 hour period, and set this time as the maximum time the site should load in, if the time is exceeded then an alert is generated.

As standard we check your site from a UK testing server, if required we can add additional PageSpeed checks from any of the below locations, handy if you have an international audience.

  • Sidney, Australia
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Bangalore, India
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • New Jersey, USA

Page Size

We monitor your page size and we receive an alerts if it is suddenly smaller than a set value as we feel it’s an important indicator something might not be right with your site; if your site is normally 1.2MB and then suddenly drops to say 1MB it is highly likely that a resource has failed to load correctly, alternatively it could also indicate that your page may have been hijacked.  An alert is generated and a manual check of the website is run.


So where do the alerts go?  We use Slack for all our monitoring, plus there is a screen on my desk that shows the general test status.  All alerts are also sent to  our help desk so they can be recorded and acted on.  Urgent alerts – such as a site down are also sent to Slack.  This is to ensure that major alerts are not lost among the incoming support requests.  As part of our aim to be as transparent as possible all alerts are configured to go our partners’ private Slack channel too.

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