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One of the most anticipated features of Plesk Oynx, at least for us here at RocketWP was Multi Server support.  This feature allows for multiple Plesk Oynx servers to be managed from a single interface.

So why is this great news?

We have setup lots of servers for our clients, many of those have ended up with multiple servers with clients hosted on each one.  This causes issues as they have to remember who is on what server, either that or they need to upgrade or run a fully fledged hosting platform such as Odin Automation – which is a bit of an over kill.

Plesk Multi Server bridges the gap, it allows multiple Plesk servers to be managed from a single control panel.  Once setup the control panel can either be configured to split the subscriptions between the servers automatically or the server can manually selected at the time the subscription is created.  As the hosting requirements grow additional servers can be added.  A basic configuration would consist of 3 servers, configured as 1 control server and 2 hosting servers.  Each of the hosting servers would provide web hosting, email services and MySQL.

The advantages of this solution are:

  • One control panel for all the servers
  • Your load is spread across more than one server, one server has an issue and not everything has gone down
  • As you grow you can simply add more servers

Complex setup?

Sometimes single servers are not the best, you can still separate out the services, you can run Plesk Multiserver with separate email servers and/or separate MySQL servers.

Any gotchas?

There are a few gotcha’s some may result in this not being the right solution for you – the gotcha’s that we’ve found so far are:

  • Has to be setup on clean servers – you will need to setup customers and hosting again
  • No support for Windows Servers – not as yet but it is on the road map
  • No support for resellers – again not yet but on the road map


Using the basic setup of 3 servers the cost will be approximately £250.00 a month.  This includes all licenses and full backup with R1 Backup all provided and managed by RocketWP.  You should be able to host about 200 sites on this setup – depending on the sites so the cost works out at about £1.25 per site per month.


If you are looking at your existing server and thinking we need to upgrade don’t add another, stand alone server or upgrade to a bigger server – switch to Plesk Multi Server. We have some fantastic offers for the first quarter to 2017 including free migration, Amazon Route 53 integration, just contact us to find out more.

What about a trial?

Need convincing?  Let us setup a demo for you, we will setup a basic 3 server configuration and migrate 10 sites for free to the platform.  If you’re not impressed within the first 30 days then you can just cancel and walk away.  No fees, no commitment, no fuss.  Just click the button below to find out how to contact us – or click the funny green blob at the bottom of the screen to talk to us.

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