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Most WordPress professionals will have used Sucuri, possibly without even realising it or ever hearing the name. Sucuri powers most of the malware scanners inside the leading security plugins such as iTheme Security Pro.

The Sucrui services remotely scans your site for a range of problems – known malware, blacklisting, website errors and out-of-date software.  There are however some limitations, if you do not use a plugin with the Sucuri scanner built in you will need to manually scan your site via the Sucuri site check service on their website and even then it cannot always detect every threat.

You have to remember that a website is usually compromised to carry out a task so the hackers want to keep it hidden as much as possible for as long as possible.
We often get calls from site owners with hacked sites, they have only found out about it from a customer or have gone to check their site and got the Google warning page.  Hackers are constantly developing ways to avoid detection, including Sucuri’s remote scanner and even Google sometimes cannot detect malware.  We know we have migrated a few compromised sites onto our platform.  Hence why we decided to look at a solution.

Server Side Scanning from Sucuri:

Sucuri Server Side Scanning is one of the most powerful security tools in our arsenal.  The technology scans every file within your website.  When enabled a special file, supplied by Sucuri is loaded onto your site allowing direct access to Sucuri’s scanners.  The scanners are then able to scan every single file, remotely without hogging your server resources.  The scanner automatically checks your site once every 24 hours and generates an alert if anything is found.  It can also be manually run if needed.

If an issue is detected an alert is sent and you would normally have to request the malware clean up service from Sucuri. This is where we come in – the service is configured to alert us and we clean your site for you.

We are pleased to announce that if you are on our Advanced Plus service Sucuri Server Side Scanning is now included in the price.

Your Next Step:

We know our service is not for everyone so if you are not using our management service for your WordPress site or you are running something other than WordPress you can sign up for the Sucuri service over at their website

However, if you are looking for a UK based company that only does hosting who only want to ensure the security of your WordPress site, who uses the latest technology and services such as Sucuri, just click the contact us button below and we will be in touch or click click the Plans & Pricing button to check out our plans:

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