Your website is the centre of your social marketing world – make sure it’s ready


Everyone knows that everyone in business needs to be active on social media.  But what are you actually trying to achieve?  More followers, more shares, more likes and more re-tweets and shares?  Really?

To me social marketing is all about driving clients to our website, that’s where all the information on our services is available online, it’s where the client can actually purchase our services.  We can engage with the customer with online chat and get them to subscribe to our newsletter or push notifications.  Clicking on that link in Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and visiting our website is engagement – and that is what social marketing is about – engagement.

Wherever and whenever a client engages with us we want it, need it to represent our company.  What will a customer think if our website is slow or there are broken links or it crashes?  It is not going to create the right impression, chances are they won’t be back.  This means that our website needs to be quick! All the social media platforms are quick, very quick – someone clicking on a link to our website is expecting the same.  If it’s not then people will click back – especially if as we are selling web services.

A real life example I experienced the other night…..

“I was on twitter and saw an interesting tweet about a business hub – I clicked on the link and waited, and waited and waited a bit longer.  Eventually the site came up, I read what I wanted to read and started to click around…. oh dear it crashed!”

To be a member of this business hub comes with a fee of around £5,000.00 per year.  Even if I was in the market to spend £5k to join a business hub (as a techie) I would certainly be questioning the issues with their site – surely a business hub providing business advise would know that the speed and reliability of a company’s website is important. The last thing you are expecting when you click on a link in Twitter is for a slow website that crashes.  It could just have been that the article was really popular and the server couldn’t cope, it was slightly faster the following morning but that’s not the point – the server should be quick, should be reliable.

So before starting a social marketing blitz check your site, is it a representation of your company? Is it fast, effective, efficient, does it do the job?  Or is it slow, difficult to navigate and does it crash?  Social marketing and blogging takes time, creating the content, finding and adding images; publishing it on all those social media platforms takes more time and effort – it will all be a waste of time if your site lets you down.

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