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We love the All in one WP Migration plugin from ServMask.  We use it nearly every day to help us migrate sites and to create staging sites when the facility is not available via our clients hosting provider.  Coupled with the One Drive and Multisite extensions we are able to migrate anything anywhere.

Install the plugin

The base plugin is installed via the WordPress dashboard.  Once activated you can import, export and backup your WordPress site.  If you want to backup to a cloud storage provider, you want to use the plugin on a multi-site or you need to remove the 512MB limit you will need to purchase the required extensions from ServMask’s website.   The cost ranges from $69 for the unlimited extension to $199 for the multisite extension, the storage provider extensions are $99 each.  All licenses provide you with unlimited sites and lifetime updates.

The extensions are not available via the WordPress plugin repository, once purchased you will need to manually download, install and activate on each site.


Exporting the website could not be easier, simply click Export under the All-in-One WP Migration menu.  You can be selective in what you want to export or rather not export.  Simply click Advanced Options before exporting.  We normally exclude:

  • Spam comments
  • Cache files

Click Export to and select file from the drop down list.

If you have purchased and installed an extension for a cloud storage provider you can export directly to the provider, simply choose it as the export destination.   We use the One-Drive extension and you can see Adam demo this in the walk through video.

If you are not using a cloud storage provider you can download the file once the export is complete.

All of the backups that you have created are stored on the server too, you can view them by clicking on Backups.  We recommend deleting them once they are no longer required.


To import the site to a new site you need to install WordPress on the new site  along with the All-in-One WP Migration plugin.  Note you can install to an existing WordPress installation, however the entire site will be overwritten.

Once activated, click Import then Import From and select File.  Next select the export file you downloaded and click ok.

The file will now be uploaded to the server.  When ready confirm that you want to proceed with the import.

The plugin will now run the import, replacing the database and all the files in the existing site.

Once complete you will need to update the permalinks, clicking the link will open a new tab and you will need to login.

Remember the database has been replaced so you will need to use your login details for the original site.

RocketWP is committed to helping site owners, agencies and developers manage their WordPress websites. Regardless of the number of sites you host we will help you keep them secure, backed up up to date and fast.

Using Cloud Storage Provider

ServMask has integrated the plugin with a growing list of Cloud Service providers including:

  • Microsoft Onedrive
  • DropBox
  • Google Drive
  • Back Blaze

Each of the addon’s is currently charged at $99 for a life time license.  The advantage of using one of these plugins is you do not need to download and upload the file each time.  You simply export to and import from your chosen provider.

Using a cloud storage extension also enables you to run scheduled backups of your site.


One of the best extensions that we use is the multisite extension.  The extension not only allows us to migrate the entire multisite network but also export individual sites from the network and import them as stand alone sites. It also allows us to import stand alone sites into a multisite network.  The export process works in the same way, you just get  the option to export only one site or all sites.

Scheduled Backups

The cloud storage extensions allow you to schedule backups to your chosen cloud storage provider.

Under the cloud storage settings are the options to run a scheduled backup:

  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

You can also set the number of backups to keep and set up alerts for when backups succeed or fail.


As you can see the All-in-one WP Migration plugin is extremely powerful and allows you to backup and migrate sites.  If you use one of the supported cloud storage provider extension you can use your existing online storage to make the migration process faster and schedule backups of your sites.  At a cost of $99 for an unlimited, lifetime license it is one of the most affordable backup solutions available for WordPress.

You can find out more about the plugin along with guides for all the extensions on the ServMask website:


Let us do it for you!

We provide more than just care plans, our agency support includes migrating sites to staging site and back again for our agency customers.   Why not sign up for a plan now and leave the migrations to us?

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