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Have you ever wondered if you can use Plesk to host a WordPress Multisite?

Just in case you did want to use Plesk for this task – and why wouldn’t you – the answer is yes you can.  There are a couple of caveats as detailed below but if you want to manage your customers’ domains and host their sites on WordPress Multisite then read on.

Caveats for managing customers:

  1. All the domains have to be set up under one subscription as they all need to use the same web folder, i.e. the same httpdocs directory.
  2. You can’t allow each customer access to the Plesk Control Panel – they would be able to see all the domains using the same multisite.

People say that WordPress Multisite is not that good?

Another thing we have been told in the past was that WordPress MultiSite was rubbish – we had to laugh at that one – if WP Multisite is good enough for WordPress and the BBC then it’s good enough for most of us.  True if you are creating lots of sites that each require a lot of different plugins and using a different theme for every site then it is probably not the right choice.  But if you are creating simple WordPress sites using common elements then WordPress multisite could work for you.

True if it goes wrong or gets hacked or some other issue befalls the site then you could have a whole load of headaches as WordPress Multisite uses one core installation of WordPress, plugins, themes and a single database.  If, however, you take care of the site, protect it, back it up and keep it up to date there is no reason why you could not run a successful WordPress MultiSite installation.

Want to see how it’s done?  Watch the video, we will show you

  1. Install and configure WordPress for MultiSite
  2. Install and configure the WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin so site will use a real URL


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