WordPress and Plesk – a perfect match


Special Offer: Let us setup a clean Plesk server for you, we will migrate 3-5 WordPress sites and if you don’t love it in the first 30 days, just walk away, no hard feelings, no charge.

If you run a server that is used primarily to host WordPress then you should be using Plesk.  The installation takes about 15/20 minutes and you only to execute one line to install everything you need.  Securing your server takes another 15 / 20 minutes and installing and securing a WordPress site takes about 5 minutes.  Even if you take in to account the time it takes to sign up for an account at Vultr (or Digitial Ocean) and fire up a server you could have a WordPress site up and running on your own server within an hour.

Not only can you have your own server up and running in an hour – you can also have it running the latest version of PHP / MySQL / Nginx / Apache and fully supporting HTTP/2.  You can even start hosting email accounts.

You will probably want to split out some of the services and fire up some additional servers installations to add a second DNS server,  a separate MySQL server and a separate email server but you get the idea.

WordPress can be installed from the control panel with a few clicks and can be managed without the need to log into each site.  You can upgrade plugins and themes, install plugins and themes and upgrade the core on multiple WordPress sites directly from the WordPress Toolkit – this is the killer feature for WordPress.

In the real world, you will get the server up and running and then import all your WordPress sites.  Once all your sites are on the server you can use the WordPress toolkit to scan for all the sites that have been imported and then upgrade everything from one screen.

From the WordPress Toolkit screen you can see:

  • A complete list of all the WordPress sites installed
  • The version of WordPress running on the site
  • The number of plugins running
  • The number of inactive plugins
  • A notification of all the updates that are required including core, theme and plugin
  • The theme that is in use

Using the ToolKit you can

  • Update the core
  • Update the plugins
  • Update the themes
  • Apply all the updates with 2 clicks of the mouse
  • Install new plugins – on all sites or a selection of sites and activate
  • Install a new theme – on all sites or a selection of sites and activate

Want to see it in action?  Just give us a call and we can setup a demo for you – we are so confident that you will love it that we will migrate between 3 and 5 WordPress sites to a clean install of Plesk free of charge.  If you decide that Plesk is not for you within 30 days, simply say so – no hard feelings, no charges just walk away.  Just call us on 01622 320340 or click the button below to find out other ways to contact us:

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