WordPress updates – the easy way

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One click updates all your sites

All our WordPress servers come with Plesk Oynx server and the WordPress Toolkit included.  The WordPress Toolkit gives you one central point to manage all your WordPress sites.

View the status of all your WordPress sites

With a couple of clicks of your mouse, once logged into the control panel you can see exactly how many updates are required to your WordPress installations:

Two more mouse clicks and you can update everything in one go, simply click ‘Install All Now’ then confirm:

The system will now apply all the updates.  Once completed refresh the page and you will see that all the updates have been applied.

Note: that if you are using Plesk Oynx Multi Server you will need to select each of the servers once you click WordPress Tool kit.

Want more details?

It is possible to view a complete list of the plugins and themes that need to be installed.  Simply click the Plugin or Theme tab at the top and a complete list of Plugins and Themes will be listed:

You can scroll down the list, you will be able to see which plugin or theme needs to be upgraded.

Clicking ‘Update’ will, well update the plugin, clicking ‘View Details’ will take you to the official WordPress plugin repository and show you the change log – if one is available.

Does your provider give you this?

If the answer is no, then why not find out more about how RocketWP can help you run your WordPress sites.  Simply click the button below to contact us, we will contact you to arrange a demo:

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Ready to sign up?  Check out our WordPress Management packages and Hosting packages:

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