World Backup Day


Did you know that Friday 31st March 2017 is World Backup Day?

It is – here at RocketWP we know that nothing makes your system more secure than a good backup.  Every day the first thing we do is check that the backups of our servers completed, successfully.

Backing up though is only half the story – you also need to test to make sure that the data being backed up is correct and readable.  So once a week we check a random data set to ensure that we can restore should we need to and then once a month we choose a random server and carry out a full restore.

RocketWP backs up all the servers we host with R1Soft backup, we backup sites that we manage but do not host with iThemes Backup Buddy and backup other customer data – i.e. the data stored on the clients in-house servers, laptops and computers using Rocket Backup.

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