Latest version of Chrome is great news for SSL Providers


If you have recently upgraded your copy of Chrome on your Mac or PC, you may have noticed a little information icon next to the address bar where the padlock normally is.  Clicking the icon will display a message as shown below:


The press is full of stories about hacks and privacy and now they are seeing that browsing the BBC’s website is not private?  Are they going to stay on your site?

As you can see from the example above no one is immune from this, if your site is not secured with an SSL you will get this little warning icon – how will that affect your visitors?  Are you hoping they wont see it or click on it?  How long before Safari and Edge/IE jump on the band wagon.  So far we have not seen it on the mobile versions of Chrome but we are sure it won’t be long.

Installing an SSL is easy and with Let’s Encrypt it’s free.   We can help setup and install certificates on most servers, if you run WordPress why not sign up for our Advanced Plus Management Service and get a FREE SSL.  Find out more, click the button below to view our plans and prices:

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Another great reason for implementing an SSL is that you will also be able to enable HTTP/2 too.  The latest version of the HTTP protocol speeds up your website, find out more here.

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