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Here at RocketWP we are always looking at ways to make designing and developing new websites as easy as possible for you, our clients.

In this blog post we are taking at look at Local By FlyWheel.

Local by FlyWheel

Local by FlyWheel is a piece of software that you can download, for free from FlyWheel for your pc or Mac.  Once installed it enables you spin up WordPress sites on your local computer.

The software is free to use and you don’t even need a FlyWheel account.  It’s the best looking solution out there for local development.

How to install Local By FlyWheel

Getting started with Local By FlyWheel is simple, visit https://localbyflywheel.com/ and click the FREE DOWNLOAD! button.  Run the setup application and within a few minutes volia! it’s installed and you can add your first WordPress development site.

Creating Sites

Creating a new WordPress is even easier than the download, just click the + New Site

Click the Add site button, enter a name for the site – this will become the site URL.  Now click Continue.

When prompted enter the user name and password you want to use for the site and then click Add site.

After a few minutes a clean install will be setup and ready for your use.

You can now click the Admin button to go to the login page, or click Visit Site to view the site.

Before you do though I would ‘trust’ the SSL.  To do this click SSL then trust just to get rid of the warning.

Migrating Sites

You now have a local development server to develop and build new sites for your clients or you can import an existing site to carry out development and  testing.

To move sites between your new local development/staging and environment and the live site we recommend you use All In One WP Migration, click the button below to read more about how we use this plugin to move sites:

All In One WP Migration

WordPress Staging Sites

Local By FlyWheel is a great tool for creating staging sites if your provider does not have the feature.  Click below to read our blog on staging sites the what the why and the how to.

WordPress Staging Sites

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